AKG 500 Series Headband Cushion


Compatible with AKG K550 K551 K553 K550 K551

The AKG 500 Series Headband cushion is designed to fit the headband portion of any AKG 500 series headphone including the K550, K551, and K553. Not only does the headband cushion protect the headband of your earphones from dirt, dust, sweat and damage it also makes wearing head band earphones for comfortable for many people. Many people also claim that this head phone cushion also makes their earphones fit better.

The AKG 500 series headband cushion is the ideal solution to those people who find that the top of their head gets sore after hours of wearing their headphones while listing to music. The cushions have a nice soft feel and the extra padding makes a world of difference for those wearing headband headphones for long periods of time. Best of all, this headband cushion is an inexpensive solution to making your expensive headphones more comfortable while providing extra protection for your headphones.