AKG K240 Black Ear Pads


Using an ear piece when listening to your music is a great thing because it enables you to listen to your sweet music without disturbing the peace of those around you. They are commonly used because they are portable and convenient when it comes to traveling. Having a good ear peace means having everything in good and perfect shape from ear pads to the cable and for that reason therefore let us take a look at the AKG K240 Ear Pads. Many of us would usually go for a new ear piece just because they think the old ones are spoilt because of the pads.

Well here is your relief because now you can get a pair of cosmos black color velvet replacement ear pad cushion for all AKG headphones at a relatively lower price with a lot of advantages. Buying a package of these comes with a pair of replacement ear pad and a black color soft velvet material. This type of ear pads also fits all AKG models. They are of good quality and can last longer. The dimensions are usually around 4.2” for the outer diameter with opening of around 2”. Try a pair of cosmos black color velvet replacement for your ear pad cushion for a good new experience and continue enjoying your music for long.