AKG K450 Audio Cable


The brand new replacement audio upgrade cable for AKG K450 headphones will work perfectly to replace your old, torn cables. The audio upgradeable cable looks exactly as it is shown in the picture. The cable is an original replacement and is 1.2 meters in length, has a 4mm diameter and has the jack of 6.35 / 3.5mm male to 2.5mm male (AKG compatible aux connector).

With the shipping weight of 0.3 ounces, the product provides the satisfying result with great sound quality and has won positive reviews. One of the buyers even commented “I haven’t had this cable long enough to comment on the durability/longevity. But the quality is very good – heavy cable with a braided jacket and chunky metal plugs. I always thought my K-450 headphones sounded good, but it’s like new phones with this cable. There is more bass, and unless I’m mistaken, better channel separation. This is the cable AKG should have packed with the headphones”. So it is a must buy product.