AKG K702 Audio Cable


Are you a music geek who can always be seen wearing headphones? How many times though you must have felt frustrated because an audio cable to the headphones let you down. We know the solution to this everlasting problem for your AKG 7K02 headphones. Here is a 1.2m long brand new replacement AKG K702 headphone audio cable.

The cable is brand new and made of high quality to ensure a more durable and long lasting experience. Not only does the aux cable fit the AKG K702 headphones, but they’re also compatible with the Q701, K271, K240 model AKG Headphones. A brilliant advantage of the cable lies in its length which is 1.2m. Usually every order of replacement audio cables are shipped within 24 hours of the order.

Reviews have rated this replacement AKG 702 cable to be better than the original aux cable. They find the mesh reinforced cable to be a high advantage due to our consistent use of headphones that can weaken the original cable wires. With its plated audio connectors the cable will keep the wires from pulling and ripping.