Audio Technica ATH-M50 Cable


1.5 meters long

People are more than satisfied with the replacement aux cable and have expressed it to be fully compatible and functional with the Audio Technica ATH-M50 line headphones. Previous buyers have praised the high quality material being used for core cable and have positively stated that the external housing is indeed better than the original. “The cable is very well finished and look much better than the original” – expressed by a common user who is using this ATH-M50 replacement cable for quite a while now. Having a sense of style and being decently strong, people are calling it to be a must buy for those who regularly use the Audio Technica headphones.

The main thing about headphones is it’s wear and tear – especially in the joint areas of the ATH-M50 cord which can go down very easily. So even having a spare cable will save you time and resources. Not only that, this replacement cable has got a sense of style and is actually strong and well fitting than the originally shipped cable wire. Furthermore, being compatible with multiple headphones, keeping a spare replacement cable for the ATH-M50 headphones is becoming a trend, so, getting it will be a wise decision to make.