HiFiMan HE400 Audio Cable


For Hifiman He-400 headphones
High Quality 4N OFC Wire core extremely thin each group of 40 core

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This amazing replacement audio upgrade cable for your HiFiMan HE400 headphones is the perfect item to get to keep your tunes blasting. With over just 3ft in length will provide you with enough movement to be free from being constrained. Holding both a 6.35 and a 3.5mm male to 2 x 3.5mm jacks makes these fit your headset perfectly compatible with multiple audio types of equipment. People love this new replacement HE400 as the price is just right. If you have a damaged HiFiMan HE400 cable, or you’re simply looking to get yourself a brand new 1.2M long cable for your HiFiMan headphones, this is the product for you!