Shure SRH1840 Velour Black Ear Pads


At some point in time you will have to look for replacement black ear pads for your Shure SRH1840 headphones. From regular use, they lead to wear and tear and they are not going to be as effective or comfortable as they originally felt. Fortunately, Shure provides replacement SRH1840 ear pads a good well rated in the reviews for its original feel and comfort.

They provide a lot of relief, covering the ear completely with a size suitable for most music and video listeners. The size, design and way in which these SRH1840 ear pads means that the quality of sound is very good and no background noise is audible. Each pair of black ear pad replacement fit perfectly onto the SRH1840, and we all know this is obviously important when you are looking for a spare part. They won’t be too tight that you find they are going to give you a pain in the ear, or too loose where you will have to keep adjusting them every couple of minutes.