Sony MDR-RF970 Battery


Headphones are getting better with technology and the quality of sound especially in wireless headphones; such as the Sony MDR-RF970 wireless headphones. Originally, these MDR-RG970 headphones come with a pretty efficient battery. However, sometimes as luck would have it these batteries need replacements over time from normal battery drainage. Replacing these batteries for the MDR-RF970 is an inexpensive solution as you can get them quite easily for only a couple of bucks.

The battery model is CS-TM2435SL and it carries 2.4V voltage and a capacity of 700mAH. It’s a Ni-MH battery made for your headphones and ISO9001 certified. The progressive Ni-MH technology provides better energy density providing the ability to continuously charge and discharge this battery more for more than 500 uses. The compact and light weight of the battery makes it much more convenient for daily use. It is RoHS approved for toxic free and comes with a 12 months warranty.