Sony MDR-V6 Black Ear Pads


The spare black ear pad parts are made out of leather and contains memory foam just like the original.

In this modern era, we use countless number of innovations to make our life a little more convenient. One that comes to mind for innovation in music are the top of the line Sony MDR-V6 headphones. However, as great are the performance and quality of the Sony MDR-V6 headphones are; sometimes we find ourselves in trouble as the ear cover gets worn out or damaged from overuse. Mainly, it’s simply just an ear pad that simply becomes unusable. But, not to worry! You can get the replacement ear buds for the Sony’s MDR-V6 for only a couple bucks.

This specific MDR-V6 headphone ear pad package includes a pair of the headphones ear pad. These MDR-V6 ear pads has received countless positive reviews from happy customer and seems to last longer than the original pair. So, if you found yourselves with unusable ear buds don’t wait around and buy this pair!