Turtle Beach PS4 Chat Cable


Designed with a special purpose to keep you connected with your teammates and friends on PS4 through the link between the Turtle Beach Gaming Headset and PS4 controller, this Turtle Beach PS4 Chat Cable enhances your entertainment and enjoyment quotient to far greater heights. The PS4 talkback chat cable has been very specifically designed to suit the Turtle beach headset.

As the specification given by the manufacturer, it has the Surround Sound Headset Compatibility with PX5, PX4, DX12, DX11, Call of Duty Black Ops II X-RAY and much more. Likewise, the Turtle Beach headphone chat cable has the is compatible with the PX3, X32, X11, XL1 and much more.

Replacing the need of 2.5 and 3.5 mm adapter, it not only functions in a flawless manner, but simultaneously, it facilitates better signals, and the sturdy and thick cord assures you the durability and quality. You may not find anywhere in the advertisement, but the good news is that it not only fits well with PS4 Chat Cable but it also functions desirably well with Xbox One as well.