Turtle Beach PX3 Charger Cable


Gaming is lame without engaging background music to liven up the scenes. Because Turtle Beach Earforce® PX3 Programmable Wireless Gaming Headsets enhance your gaming experience; you certainly won’t like to have any downtime. Your headset doesn’t have to run out of power anymore, keep the excitement going on and on with Turtle Beach PX3 Charger USB Cable.

Get this replacement PX3 Charger Cable handy to recharge your PX3 headset battery and let the thrills and sound of your favorite games go on and on. Please note that this cable is not your standard USB cable, but it is designed to fit into the port on the black box that comes with your PX3 headset. Remember that this PX3 Charger Cable is to be used strictly for recharging your headset and does not have the capability to handle data.