Turtle Beach PX5 Mic


This replacement PX5 mic part will also work on other Turtle Beach headsets including the Delta, Tango, X series and PX series.

If you are having trouble with your expensive Turtle Beach PX5 headset do not panic! You probably do not need to go out and buy brand new PX5 headphones; just replace the defective mic and save money at the same time! This is the same high quality mic found in Turtle Beach headsets and is easily attached to your existing headset so you can get back to gaming. Your teammates will appreciate the crystal clear audio of your voice as you work together to complete your game objectives. Are you noticing the sound of static whenever you adjust the mic on your headset? If so, then that is a sign the mic is damaged and annoying everybody you play online games with. Get back to gaming properly by saving money when you buy this replacement mic that is delivered quick and seamlessly processed.