Turtle Beach X41 Transmitter Power Cable


The replacement Turtle Beach X41 Power Transmitter cable connects a Turtle Beach X41 headset to the USB port on a PC or xBox 360. This power transmitter is the authentic replacement part delivered quickly by Turtle Beach. If you have lost or damaged your power transmitter for your Turtle Beach X41 headset, this is the perfect replacement to restore the headset to proper functioning. Based on the reviews on Amazon, games that also use the Turtle Beach X51 headset say it is completely compatible. Common problem users have with the headset power cords is damage from pets chewing on the cord.

This affordable replacement power cord for transmitter saves the owner from having to replace the headset. Customers have been impressed by the quality of this power transmitter. The Turtle Beach X41 Power Transmitter ships quickly. The Turtle Beach X41 Power Transmitter cable does not work with an xBox One without an adapter.