V-MODA BoomPro Gaming Boom Mic


Looking for that great experience once again with a replacement V-Moda BoomPro Boom Mic? Made of professional grade, high quality and flexible materials, the V-Moday Boom Mic is ready to help get your gaming life back to normal. Not limited to just V-Moda, this replacement V-Moda mic system fits well with many manufacturers’ headphones.

Boasting crystal clear clarity voice transmission and a durability that simply cannot be matched by any other manufacturer, the V-MODA BoomPro Gaming, VoIP headset headphone with the mic is simply a system that can only add to gaming enjoyment. However, the system is not limited to just gaming. The replacement BoomPro mic system from V-Moda is a product that transforms ordinary headphones into a seemingly professional headset, perfect for gaming as mentioned and for business, Skype, podcasting and receiving calls on the go

The product itself is comprised of a cable clip to allow for volume position and access to the mute switch, over the ear headphones and a detachable cable as well as a Y-adaptor for computer use.