V-MODA LP Black Ear Pads


The V-Moda LP black ear pad cushions are designed to replace the worn out cushions of your headphones, or to replace uncomfortable ones. These cushions work best with the LP and LP 2 series headphones.

The V-Moda LP ear cushions will help to optimize your listening pleasure, while still providing crystal clear sound that is not muted through the ear pad materials. The cushions will block out extraneous sound, allowing you to enjoy your music. They’ll fit comfortably in your ears and never feel like they’re falling down.These cushions come in a pair and are designed from the black soft cushiony material. They are made with the best memory Ergosoft foam material to adapt to your ears.

It’s simple to remove your old ear cushions from the LP headphones and replace with these brand new cushions. These ear pad cushions are designed in DJ-style so you can look cool while wearing them. Each cushion padding is 3.8 x 4 x 6 inches, and weigh only 1.3 ounces.