V-MODA Vibe Duo Ear Bud Black Tips


It comes in three varied sizes, from small, medium to large, and is designed to provide you with ultra-comfortable and secure fit in your ear canal.

The V-Moda Vibe Duo ear tips are ear bud tips that are made from extremely soft silicone. With the Vibe Duo ear bud tips, you can take advantage of a product that can effectively isolate sounds with its incredible design. This design by V-Moda has made it possible to reduce the ambient noise to make it possible for you to listen with high-intensity sounds.

The benefits of using V-moda Vibe Duo ear cushions lie in the fact that it is available in universal sizes. With that being the case, your ear-canal can have very comfortable fit and listen to music or all kinds of sounds. What’s more is that this ear bud tips for the Vibe Duo have been perfectly designed so that it fits your iPhone or Android. In that sense, you can use it for your favorite music device and still look stylish with it. It certainly makes it one of the best gifts you can receive, don’t you think?